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Divine Love

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"The divine love that i am able to shine is a reflection of the divine that is within each of you.


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Gonna turn upside down
Sway from side to side
Move and flow
With the changing tide
Gonna sing real loud
Free my caged in voice
Float like a cloud
explore and rejoice
Gonna choose to accept

Global Meditation Event

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Thank you so much for being an active participant in this wonderful new paradigm which we are all together creating as we speak.

PRESENCE DAY with Maharishika Maiyaa

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08/24/2014 - 09:00
08/24/2014 - 18:00


Amazing Answers to every possible question.
Powerful Blessings that bring prosperity.
Shakti instantly awakened in you.

Who is Maharishikaa Maiyaa?

Event Type: 
Spiritual Gathering
Event Location: 
Ramakrishna Mission, 12th Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 40050, India

Awakening Happens When You Allow the Intensity

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If you really live
deeply in spiritual practice
then this moment is intense.

Moment to moment,
life is shaking you
out of what you know;
shaking you out of everything
that is comfortable.

Being comes before Doing

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The greatest secret is that "being comes before doing". Our world is obsessed with "to-dos" and endless "doings". We have forgotten that we are not Human Doings but Human Beings!

The Messenger is the Message

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Spiritual teachers, regardless of the tradition to which they belong, manifest love, peace and wisdom to such a degree that they inspire transformation in others in a very natural and effortless way. Their own light has the power to awaken our light. They are messengers who have become their message. Their power to inspire and awaken comes from who they are.

— Sri Vasudeva

Sparkle your light

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sparkle sparkle in my eye
that twinkles low and twinkles high
that twinkles here and twinkles there
that twinkles almost every where
thank you for your super shine
for lighting up desired signs


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Transformation of psyche is nothing but transformation of thoughts for psyche is a bundle or web of various thoughts interlinked in some way of which we may not be conscious.


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Intellectual understanding does not bring transformation in our psyche and without a fundamental transformation in our ways of thinking and acting we cannot cross the river of sorrow which life has