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Accept & Allow -The Only Way to Transcend

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We are constantly desiring to have things be one way over another, which can cause allot of suffering. These desires and preferences for one side over another arise from the nature of duality.

Poached eggs

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Poached Eggs (all of us)
Arguing about transcending the I-concept, 'reducing' the 'power' of the ego, or what-not, is merely evidence of continued belief in the reality of that which, being merely a concept, is totally unreal.

It is like a man saying, 'I am perfectly sane: I know that I am not a poached egg, instead I am busily engaged in unpoaching myself and soon I shall not even need a piece of toast in order to be able to sit down.'


The Human Condition

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The condition most try to transcend, the sage has to try to reestablish.

— Michael Markham