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Have you seen the youtube trailer of the Meditactics meditation DVD?
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Qualifications of the Seeker

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I recall a interesting anecdote from Zen tradition. Once a disciple came to the Master and asked him Who is Buddha. The master told him Mind is Buddha.

"Naam" ("Word") as described in many traditions

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"Naam" ("Word") has been described in many traditions through the use of several different terms, The following expressions are interpreted as being identical to "Naam":

"Naad", "Akash Bani", and "Sruti" in the Vedas

"Nada" and "Udgit" in the Upanishads

"Logos" and "Word" in the New Testament

"Tao" by Lao Zi

"Music of the Spheres" by Pythagoras

"Sraosha" by Zoraster

"Kalma" and "Kalam-i-Qadim" in the Qur'an

"Naam", "Akhand Kirtan" and "Sacha ('True') Shabd" by Guru Granth Sahib .

— Traditions.