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Creation and Destruction

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to Self everything is Nothing, thoughts, fiction,
that appears to come and go on/in Self,
like time appears to come and go on/in Now
... like light appears to come and go on a movie-screen
for both the creation of the Universe
and then its destruction.

— O'no

How to Be Timeless

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Your ultimate goal, living as if you have all the time in the world, is functional immortality. It happens to be how every cell in your body is already living.

Time and Our Involvemen - Einstein's Perspective - Part 1

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Last week I posted one of the more challenging pieces of information from The Council, The Illusion of Time.

Time's Prey!

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In the present world of fray,
Who’s whose prey?
People are a politicians’ prey
The innocent are a priests’ prey,
Children are a selfish teachers’ prey,
The poor are the rich’s prey,

1 Minute and 1 Hour

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You give 1 minute to yoga and yoga give you back 1 hour

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru Elanggovan

Ending of time

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Ending of time is the ending of all problems. This may seem a little enigmatic and to add to it I would say that time and space go together.

Time & Effort

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Embarking on a spiritual search we must clearly understand 'Time & Effort'. Our concept of both is heavily tied up to the physical world. Let us say someone wants to learn a new language.

Time & Space

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Despite the claim of scientific advancement our thinking about time and space is rather liner or one dimensional.

Exploration of Reality

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Ending of duality is our entry into 'Real Living' and exploration can only be made into something that is ‘Real ‘and not that which is False. This was the import of previous post.

Time & Samsara

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In the movement of the 'Past', meeting the 'Present' comes up the 'Ego' which is both the experience of bondage and the cause of perpetuation of 'Past' by modifying it.