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The Illusion of Time - Part 2

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Questioner: Yes, I understand. It appears that we really shouldn't worry too much about how things work, and just concentrate on love.


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IT IS THE POINT OF CREATION...................

Time and "The Now"

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Time is a difficult, but fascinating concept. I have often used it in my writing about "past" Spiritual events; to point out the way everything kind of "happens at once."

a legendary partnership! a magical me! 4th episode!

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a legendary partnership.....

i was just 7 or 9 years old......

a cricket match was being played between two teams a bet match at that.....

we were 9 down for 25 but target is 110....

The Possibility of Possibility - The Unlimited Potential that You Are.

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So much in non-duality is written by "advanced" teachers for "advanced" seekers, and is therefore written in the most "absolute" way.

Who is Bigger "God" or "Time"

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If god is within time,
Than who is bigger god or time,
The first "NEED" of god to start this "GAME" of whole universe "IS TIME" not "WAS TIME",

The Illusion of Time - Part 1

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I will warn you before you begin reading that this is a very involved concept that The Council is expressing here. There is much to mull over.

Creation and Destruction

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to Self everything is Nothing, thoughts, fiction,
that appears to come and go on/in Self,
like time appears to come and go on/in Now
... like light appears to come and go on a movie-screen
for both the creation of the Universe
and then its destruction.

— O'no

Time and Our Involvemen - Einstein's Perspective - Part 2

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The Council: So, then when you do become closer to the light or in your experience of growing toward the light you visualize it as a form or a speed or a travel experience or an awareness.

How can the most significant instantly turn into the least significant?

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How can the least significant instantly turn into the most significant and then again to the least significant?