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Past lives only in the past?

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If time is in mind only, how come previous lives are always in the past? (I have never heard someone saying that he WILL be this and that in previous life)

Or maybe they are not?

A guided way to the realization that time does not exist

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The following is a solid yet simple demonstration that shows that time does not really exist, that time is nothing but a conceptual mirage.

Mental time, clock time, process, and being

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Once you place your being on the timescale, suffering begins.

Being in the Present a Myth

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I want to wade into hot waters but I hope readers will give me a little indulgence. I want to break this myth of the popular stuff that says that we must live in the Present.

Entering the Now Bubble

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The now bubble, isolated from the past and the future, isolated even from the now that is between the past and the future.

Once you check the time in the watch, you are not in the now anymore

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Once you check the time in the watch, you are not in the now anymore.

The time in the watch has nothing to do with the now.

The Mystery of the Bermuda Triangle Explained

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I thought that I would end the old year with information from The Council that is an answer to one of this planet’s great mysteries – The Bermuda Triangle.

More precisely, time is simply memory

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Krishnamurti said time is mind.

This is too abstract and therefore not transformsative in the case of most people.

It should be analyzed more closely and more specifically.

The Illusion of Time - Part 2

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Questioner: Yes, I understand. It appears that we really shouldn't worry too much about how things work, and just concentrate on love.

Psychological time

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Psychological time is what divides 'now' from 'now', fragments you into pieces. No matter when you see the clock it's always Now, yet you desire something in the future, and feel relieved when you get it. If you never desired, the relief would always be with you.

— Omkaradatta