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The mind is dead

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For purposes of this discussion, let's talk about the brain (although the brain is actually an image in the mind).

Thinker, Thought, Intuition, Who's the Doer?

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There was an old man who would always be found sitting outside on his porch. The neighbor's cat took a liking to the gentleman.

Paradox of Thought

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Life is full of seeming paradoxes. Thought is a great asset that has helped man progress so far & yet it is also the cause of human sorrow.

Sound Effects, Conditioning, and Pavlov's Dogs

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As a teenager in the late 1950's, I was just on time for the surge in interest in Hi-Fi and Stereo equipment and sound.

Thought and "thinking about"

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All the mind can do is 'think about' stuff. What do we mean by this?


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There is a place in the HEART where THOUGHTS become WISHES
It's a place where anything is possible
If we only BELIEVE.


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In the space which thought creates around itself there is no love. This space divides man from man, and in it is all the becoming, the battle of life, the agony and fear. Meditation is the ending of this space, the ending of the me.

— J. Krishnamurti


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What is fragmentation? Why is it important to be not fragmented but be Aware of the wholeness of life?


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All that a man does by using his thought only strengthens his ego. The way is to see the deception of thought.

Effect of Good and Bad thoughts

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A good thought is thrice blessed. First, it benefits the thinker by improving his mental body . Secondly, it benefits the person about whom it is entertained.