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Textual Addiction of the mind

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Try just for one day to abstain from text. No reading, no writing, no internet, no profound contemplations, no looking for explanations and reasons, no text.

Is the feeling of emptiness a thought or a feeling?

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If the irritating feeling of emptiness is a thought, than I see 3 possible aproaches to remedy it:

(1) Accept and observe this feeling/thought.

Mind is like food when you are on a diet

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Mind is like food when you are on a diet.

Minimize consumption but do not condemn it.

Do not condemn it as you are living on it.

Stopping the thinking, with no conflict

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For a long time, I was firmly against trying to stop the thinking process. I thought it always triggers mental conflict and thus only harmful at the end of the day.

Why are you afraid of thoughts?

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Someone asked me in a private message why I am afraid of thoughts. The question probably came after he read my blog post in http://www.gurusfeet.com/blog/trick-break-identification-thinker.

"Reverse bootstrapping" Shutdown of the Mind

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From Wikipedia:

In computing, bootstrapping ("to pull oneself up by one's bootstraps") refers to techniques that allow a simple system to load and activate a more complicated system, and this one in turn can load and activate more complicated one and so on. A common scenario is the start up process of a computer system, where a small program, such as the BIOS ("Basic Input Output System" which is statically coded on a mother-board cheap), initializes and tests hardware, peripherals and external memory devices, thus allowing loading of a larger program, such as the loader which can load and execute an operating system.

The power of the mind

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Dear ones,

this post comes from reading some people's blogs and comments and post and it comes from my observation of what the mind is.

todays truth!

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1.went to parrys got vitamin C of not good quality...
by prajapita brahma kumaris effect...

2.went for selection to subba rao school and got through selection process....

introspection -2

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i was at richies street, to buy 6" inch tv positively as i try to live well in my modest earnings...

Where thoughts are coming from?

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I have been thinking about thoughts comming in to our Mind.