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What is the Online Universal Temple?

First Visit to a Buddhist Temple. Suggestions?

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I'm visiting a Buddhist temple tomorrow morning for the first time. I'm new in this journey. I'm also nervous and not sure what to expect.

Most powerful Shiva Temple in Dense forest at kamroop kamakhya

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I have visited most of jyotirlinga shiva temple &felt the shiva"s presence ,cosmic energy,vibrations.Apart from jyotirlinga's few temples like JAGESWAR MAHADEV IN ALMORA ,DISTRICT,UTRAKHAND,MAHAKAL TE

Are you passing a very bad time?

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Are you passing a very bad time –suffering from misfortune?

Is there nothing to free from it?

Now leave all and get shelter of the MahaAnand.

Spiritual Practices

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Here are answers to some of the common questions pertaining to the spiritual practices followed since ages:

*** Why do we light a lamp?

Shiva temple

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Vande Deva Umaa Pathim Suragurum
Vande Jagat Kaaranam
Vande Pannaga Bhooshanam Mruga Dharam
Vande Pashoonam Pathim
Vande Soorya Shashanka Vahni Nayanam
Vande Mukunda Priyam

Om Namah Shivaya

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May All Beings be Liberated!

Temple Fundraiser... Ideas?

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We are running a fundraiser to acquire land and to begin building a Siddha Temple/Healing Center/Ashram/ and Retreat...



best compliments

Joint Praying in the Online Universal Temple

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11/20/2014 - 17:00
11/20/2014 - 18:00

Bring your own tradition of praying and join others in a joint universal praying.

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Online Event
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Online Universal Temple on this website (see link below)
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Free of charge