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Sathya Sai Baba passed away today, 24th April 2011 at 7.40 AM IST

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Sathya Sai Baba passed away today at 7.40 AM IST. He was 85.

च्छायामन्यस्य कुर्वन्ति तिष्ठन्ति स्वयमातपे ।

I am Heartly Thankful to Respected Dear Sir "ADMIN"

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I am Heartly Thankful to Dear Respected Sir "ADMIN" for keeping the site neat & clean, away from all misunderstandings among peoples, I have also read about the soon coming page on the site with the p

Angels ? Do they help us on the physical plane?

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Angels worship whom He who has appointed them as angels: God. Then if you worship God, where is the fear of the angels?

If anybody is in serch of spritual guru, satguru, teacher,master, murshidekamil , saints etc

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numberless people are trying to become guru these days, it is latest in fashion these days,well it became a buissness to run their stores,specially in india they are leaving behind the smugllers, this

What is the Thing "EGO"?

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What is the Thing "EGO"?
"If WE", Must be knowing the answer to this Question?
Than what is the value of LIVING GURU OR MASTER,
Yes This Question Has The Answer,

Guru - Our "Self" as Guide

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Recently I have encountered a number of Posts, here and on other Spiritual sights, relating to "fully enlightened" Gurus.

In which country there are more FALSE SPIRITUAL Gurus or Masters?

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Initiation ? What are the essential pre-requisites for Initiation ?

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Initiation is a specific term. It means introducing a person to the principles or tenets of some science. It is not something merely formal explaining of the subject orally.

The Real Goal of Devotion and Going to the Saints

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The human form is the king of all species. Only some fortunate ones get it. It is the time to meet the Lord. In it, we should follow that path in it by which we may get the Lord.

"GURU" can also test his or her "DISCIPLE"

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"GURU" can also test his or her "DISCIPLE",