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What is the reason for all this misery, depression and tension? How to remove them?

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Let Me answer your question straight with a simple example; you have caught a hot iron rod with your hand and you are weeping.

My recent pilgrimage to Hampi, Hospet etc.

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Sai Ram. Myself and my friend P.

The world is under control of God

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If God is the whole Universe and if there is nothing other than God, how can the creation give entertainment to God? Veda says that the creation came to entertain God. Then Veda becomes futile. Therefore, the interpretation of God’s word must be done properly. In grammar there is statement “All this Kalinga”. Kalinga is the name of king. How the kingdom which is in the form of soil can be a human being called as Kalinga? According to grammar this means that the kingdom is under the control of king Kalinga. Therefore, you have to take my statement in that sense and so it means that all this is under the control of God.

— Datta Swami

God through human form

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Though God has come in human form and is acting as a human being now, never forget to realize Him as God. Since we are in human frames, let us know God in human form. Devoid of your physical body, you can never realise God. Hence, you have to experience God only in human form.

— Datta

God consciousness

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Hear Me, See Me, Speak about Me and Think about Me only.

— Datta Swami

How I met Swamiji ?

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I discovered Swami Nithyananda for the first time on the internet in 2003/2004 in Dhyanapeetam website describing His life and mission to the world.