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My spiritual experiences

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Dear freinds, i have came in contact with so many siddhas in my life.Today i am telling you about NAGRAJ SWAMI,who's acttual name was swami Bhagwan singh from uttrakhand.today he is no more,his soul h

He who calls himself swami

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He who calls himself swami...

He who lets others call him swami...

He who agrees even to his guru's wish to be called swami...

He is, of course, not a swami.

What's the meaning of the word "swamiGAL"?

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I know what "swami" means (honorary title for one with a learning and mastery of a specific field of knowledge, most often religious or spiritual), but what is swamigal?

Poetry that opened my Inner Eye ...

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(Rendered from a Bengali poem
composed by Swami Vivekananda)

Where darkness is interpreted as light,
Where misery passes for happiness,


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All are in heaven