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Regarding the Law of Attraction and surrendering / allowing etc!!!

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Jai Shri Guru!

How do we accept? (Part 2)

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The mind fuctions spontaneously according to it's conditioning, and so acceptance is a matter of altering the conditioning rather than trying to cause mind to accept through an egoic choice to do so.

Life without Control

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To live is to act, yet is there a need of doer or controller. To me the kernel of spiritual life is in living a full life which does not require a controller.

How do we accept? (Part 5)

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Challenging beliefs-Seeking clarity

* If I do it right, I can create a happy life for myself.

Enlightenment & The Art of Surrender

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"We want to get you
out of your mind,
out of the controlled idea
that you are an intelligent
and together person

and into what is here
in this moment
beyond such ideas.


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It has been raining here for days and the meadow grass in the field outside my house is falling over from the weight of the wetness -

The Art of Awakening & Surrender

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"In the beginning stages
of meditation,
you are in control,
you are doing meditation
and this is the way it is supposed to be.

You are awakening
the Shakti (subtle energy) or consciousness

aspects of my kundalini awakening inc. a teaching from master chrism

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Before I ever heard the word Kundlaini I experienced Divine energy move within me, infuse and begin its Divine transformation.

Non Doing and Meditation

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is at your essence.

It is not something
you can really practice
because how can you
do non-doing?

Everyone is addicted
to their thinking.
Thinking is always going.

Surrendering into What Is

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"Throughout the day
there are all sorts of little pains
that come up.

Things that don't go
the way we think they should,
certain memories may arise
that affect us,