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2012: Society's reality of what-to-think peace and endless wars will vanish.
WTT brain: the LIMITED, black-hole, What-to-think brain
HTT brain: the LIMITLESS How-to-think brain.

The Last Poem of Hoshin

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The Zen master Hoshin lived in China many years. Then he returned to the northeastern part of Japan, where he taught his disciples.

Man & Animals........

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Once there was a person he asked one "saint" what is the difference between man and animals.
man eats, animals too.
man struggle for the food, animals too
man fights for land & food, animals too

The Importance of Sri Guru Charitra, Sri Guru Gita and Sri Sai Satcharitra

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Sai Ram. "Why should we read Sri Guru Charitra, Sri Sai Satcharitra and Sri Guru Gita etc.?" One well wisher has asked me this question.

Spiritual Fragrance

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Spiritual Fragrance is a monthly newsletter which focusses on revealing spiritual topics from a scientific perspective.


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Meaning of Brahman

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Meaning of Brahman


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Hi there and welcome to my new blog.

it's been quite a while that I was thinking about starting to write about spiritual issues in English and maybe the time had come.

The Art of Meditation - 2

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As we dip deep in meditation, we relax profoundly. We feel utmost freedom in all walks of life. Our thoughts become independent. Mental equilibrium happens.

Coming Undone in Meditation

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One of the reasons
we sit to meditate
is to strip away
all of the things
that distract us
from this moment.

All of the things
that make us
feel secure
and in control.

That makes us