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Shirdi Sai Baba -Nagasai Temple In Malaysia!

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The best reaction that I ever felt in my body… the vibration of my soul…the day I put my step in to the temple of shirdi sai baba –Nagasai temple –Indian settlement Batu Cave (first shirdi ba

The depths of Being

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There is so much going on beneath the surface when beings are together, when life is with life. We believe words communicate, but really they communicate very little - it is all on the surface.

Spirituality and Words

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So much talk is happening on this website, and other so-called spiritual websites and forums.

The use of memory

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Most of mankind's problems can be traced to one specific thing -- the compulsive use of memory.

The words of Rudi

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Love adorns itself

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Love adorns itself;
It seeks to prove inward joy by outward beauty.

Love does not clain possession
But gives freedom.

Love is an endless mystery,
For it has nothing else to explain it.

god is (poem)

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god is music.
god is movies.
god is that random guy i just talked to for five minutes in line at the grocerie store.
god is homeless.
god is starving.
god is wealth and burden.

Into the Wild

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I happened to see yesterday a film called "Into The Wild" directed by Sean Penn based on the non-fiction book of the same name by Jon Krakauer about the adventures of Christopher McCandless.

The fourteen facts of life ...

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The fourteen facts of life ...

1: The greatest enemy in life is the EGO...
2: The greatest deceit in life is: I Am Mine...
3: The greatest failure in life is narcissism...

To know Being...

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To know being,

Be without knowing.

This world is common,

Accessible to all.

Give up everything.

Just be, without being this or that.

You can do this anytime you want.