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dThe essence of Gita

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The essence of Gita


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What is Satsang ?

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The holding of shows is not Satsang. The Satsang means the company with truth as Sat means truth and Sang means Company. The Satsang is the name of the union of the soul with the Lord.


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dear members i want sincere answer.


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Probably the most potent 'spiritual medicine' in existence is that of vivek-vairagya -- the fastest way to Self-Realization.

The Seven Factors of Awakening

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Once the Blessed One was staying at Saketa, in the Añjana Forest Game Refuge.

Why the world is illusory...

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Gurus like to talk about how the world is illusory, but maybe it seems real to us anyway. Can we demonstrate to ourselves, here and now, that it really IS illusory? Sure!

Reiki as consciousness II

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Read Part I

As Reiki originates in unity consciousness, so its practice also engenders the same. Let's understand how this happens. Earth and Celestial Ki are polar expressions, rather than being dualistic. There's a subtle distinction. Duality is one or the other, two oppositional forces that are separate. Water in the refrigerator is cold; water boiled in a kettle is hot. It's tough to jump from these directly to warm. Yet introduce polarity and the possibility of blending hot and cold appears. Polarity is the balance between two complementary states. It's the in-between state that can take us from duality to unity.

Cold water has it's uses, as does hot water. Earth Ki is specific in its qualities, as is Celestial Ki. In Reiki we work with each specialty for our betterment. We also have the significant opportunity to blend the two, to become one. The perfect balance between the polar energies of Reiki leads to unity consciousness.

And this is where healing really occurs. Whether you're practicing on yourself or another, that practice is not symptomatic relief, but the essential change of consciousness. Symptomatic relief is part of the package, but it's a surface effect. Reiki often surprises people with its power. Knowing Reiki is spiritual healing in its purest sense brings its power into perspective.

Shirdi Sai Baba -Nagasai Temple In Malaysia!

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The best reaction that I ever felt in my body… the vibration of my soul…the day I put my step in to the temple of shirdi sai baba –Nagasai temple –Indian settlement Batu Cave (first shirdi ba

the hidden Spirit

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few can imagine the AWESOME totality of their Being
that is hidden behind the <1% E(energy)-Veil
of matter, body.

but far far fewer are so much into their Total Being