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The reason why New Age approaches never really work

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New Age claims that personal development is achievable through happiness. That happiness is not only the goal but the means.

Spiritual salesrep is the same as any other salesrep

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There are those who write here and in other spiritual forums that you notice immediately that they do not care about you, they are not into truly share anything with you, this is just an excuse for th

I'm a skeptical spirtualist, what should I do?

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I'm a skeptical spirtualist, what should I do?

Let's do some self-enquiry

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Let's do a bit of self-enquiry together:

Sympathy - the true spirituality

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Sympathy by Rare Birds - Live

Now when you climb
into your bed tonight,

Before you embark on the spiritual path...

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Before you embark on the spiritual path you must investigate thoroughly why the skeptical secular approach depresses you so much.

Peace Mantras From The Upanishads

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Peace Mantras From The Upanishads

The Shanti-mantra for the Upanishads of the Rig-Veda:

The Untethered Soul

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Happiness- From 'The Untethered Soul' by Michael Singer

Reiki as consciousness

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The word 'energy' is bandied about so much these days. And it's highly relevant as it underlies life. It's important to also understand that there are different kinds of energy. Metabolic energy is what we use to fuel the physical body. There's psychic, emotional and mental energy. Then there's healing energy.

Even if we were to understand Reiki purely on energetic terms, the distinction still needs to be made that Reiki is spiritual energy, or rather a way to tap into it. What might that be? It's the all-encompassing, overarching common denominator.

Energy is undeniable and there is an energetic manifestation of Reiki. Before that aspect can be experienced and effective, however, a subtler causal level acts as a backdrop.

This backdrop is nondual consciousness. Nothing has separated or differentiated from it yet. It is One and all-pervading. This consciousness has no distinctions of subject/object, mind/matter, words/concepts, or space/time.

dThe essence of Gita

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The essence of Gita