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First look for love, then for someone to love

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You are looking for someone in order to find love.

But it is vice versa - you need first to look for love then you will find someone to love.

Past decisions and letting go

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Be willing to consider the option to change a past decision if it is still possible to change it.

Spiritual Ego and the Bliss Bubble

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Anyone can comment on this phenomena?

True guru-disciple relationship, nothing less

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Do you, spiritual seeker, take this great master to be your lovely wedded guru through sickness and through health, as long as you both shall live?

I do!

Is there anything all spiritual people can agree on?

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Is there anything all spiritual people can agree on?

This is an important question. I will love to hear your suggestions.

Careful usage of logic in the service of spirituality

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Whether we want it or not, we use logical reasoning to draw conclusions about our spiritual path and to extend our beliefs.

Talking about awakening

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Talking about 'awakening' is almost impossible these days (on the Yahoo!

Why governments and society allow us to indulge in spiritual activity?

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Governments and society chiefly want you to be a productive citizen.

There are two cases in which they allow you to neglect your duties and indulge in enjoyment:

Test drive different possibilities of the truth

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Don't look for THE truth,look for the POSSIBILITIES of the truth.

When you focus on looking for the truth, your mind has more control over you to play its games and you overlook the many things you are used to take for granted.

A true seeker and hard calls he has to make

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A true seeker is one
whose desire for truth
is greater
than his desire for pleasure.

Not because
one is supposed to abandon
pleasure for truth.

But because
of the simple fact that