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Birth and Rebirth

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The following is the first posting by another member of our group.

So this is blogging…

Characteristics of Our Inner God

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I simply felt that this was worth reading even though it may be obvious to all of us.

Time and Our Involvemen - Einstein's Perspective - Part 2

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The Council: So, then when you do become closer to the light or in your experience of growing toward the light you visualize it as a form or a speed or a travel experience or an awareness.

Love is Everything

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Many of my recent postings have focused on the many aspects of love. There is a good reason for that besides its obvious importance in our spiritual growth.

Time and Our Involvemen - Einstein's Perspective - Part 1

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Last week I posted one of the more challenging pieces of information from The Council, The Illusion of Time.

A message from The Council - Part 1

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This is the opening message at the first trance given by William LePar's,The Council', for the general public. There were more than 125 people in attendance for the event.