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A cheat sheet to recognize a bogus guru

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With so many faked gurus around, I think we should construct a cheat sheet with guidelines based on each one's experience on how to recognize (or at least suspect) a bogus guru...

The true guru

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I have been searching and meeting few gurus, but I am always very concerned about their honesty and being genuine and true enlightened spiritual master.

Daily Sutras from Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

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The following is one of the finest collections of the Daily Sutras of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, a true condensed set of inspiring wisdom:

Observing the Thinker

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Observing emotions and sensations is relatively easy -

They are lying there in time so you have the option to decide when to observe them. After all, as far as they are concerned, they are here to stay, where do they have to run to?

The difference between belief and trust

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In the language of the bible, Hebrew, the words belief and trust are very similar, almost the same. Trust in Hebrew is EMUN while belief is EMUNA.

Mind is like a spring

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The mind is like an elastic spring. You push it, you press it, you resist it, you apply force against it, and it only gets more power and more energy from your very action.

Metaphysical predictions for 2012 - facts

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2012 is claimed to be a great year of spiritual transformation (or apocalypse). This claim is based on Christian texts, Mayan civilization's inputs, and on some many other sources.

Meditation or Premeditation?

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Do you have any idea of how your meditation is going to be before actually entering into meditation?

Do you have a plan for your meditation? a scheme? a layout?

Is there a difference between mental and spiritual?

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Is there really a difference between mental and spiritual?

I think that in the essence there isn't; in the state of mind there is.

The purpose of spirituality

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What is the purpose of spirituality? Folks have different ideas about this, as "Realizing the Self" really means nothing in and of itself.