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Darkness Into Light

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So here I am, on this path, this journey
doing this thing people call living
and I have days and I have good days
and I question, just like most others
the reason for my being

Poetry - Live For Today

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Know that it's okay...
and wipe the tears away...
step to another day...
don't let it get you down...
or run you round and round...
or stomp you to the ground
your life is yours

There is no parameter in the Spiritual life

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From the Satsanghs of SaibanisaJi

21. To lead the life on a good path, energy is needed to the physical body. One has to have his own ways and efforts to fulfill it.

Poetry - More to Gain

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You inhale a secret & indulge in its force
The power is so great, you feel extraordinarily lost
You travel with the essence of its effervescent touch

Poetry - Faeries

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Tis not a dream, this faerie power
tis potions wondrous in a flower
tis secret whispers in the night
tis wings of incandescent light
tis faerie islands far beyond
tis nixies leering in a pond


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Destroy ego if you want to grow the highest; as by dissolving self into soil a seed manifests as grand tree.

— Pujyapad Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvaraji

Prodigal Child Come Home...

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Are you tired of worrying about the bills? Are you tired of searching for your passion in life?

The Light That Guided Moses

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If you’re breathing, you’re a living reference point of the Divine.

— Swami Premodaya


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Your situation is quite simple; you have this choice or that choice. You don’t have a complex set of options to work out or decisions to make. You’ve got a very simple situation: You’re either going to go to God, or Truth—or you’re not. You either want it, or you don’t. And if you do want it—and want to go—and decide to go—then you can do it the bhakti way (the devotional way), and then it’s kind of like, you buy a ticket, and it’s all set. Or—you can grope your way, go on your own legs—which is your only other option.

— Swami Premodaya