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Pushing the boat to the sea...

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Have you ever seen how the Goan fishermen prepare when they get the call to go to the sea?

Obstacles in Sadhana

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Dear Atman!

Obstacles in Sadhana.

What are these obstacles? Are they really there? Or the Sadhaka simply surrenders to some mental condition?

What is message behind doing puja of shiva linga.

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What reason and message to world by doing worship of shiva linga.
Can any body through light on it?

Autobiography Part 3a: "Return to Ordinary life"

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My previous blog entry ended with my return, in 1984, to the USA after 5 years in Siddha Yoga a

Poetry - Save This Place

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People undergo miles of abuse
To end up in ditches swollen with hatred, greed, & bloodshed
With one heart, one ounce of compassion
one open & honest soul

Poetry - Carry Me

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Lift my heart, touch my soul & carry me through eternity
Guide me with your thoughts & feelings & tell me you love me.
Extend your heart an inch further to touch mine & let them glow

Spirituality cannot be bought or taught,

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Spirituality cannot be bought or taught, but it can be caught by contact with spiritual people. Moreover, Nature’s gifts such as air, water, light, etc., are free. Spirituality is also Nature’s gift and is also given free by the Masters. Likewise, Spirituality cannot be acquired from books, which is a fact all sacred scriptures uphold. Books are a valuable record of the inner experiences of others in Spiritu­ality. They fill gaps in history and contain messages from past Masters, which help us to verify the facts revealed by a living Mast

— Kirpal singh,

Emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening by Master Chrism<> Part 1

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Emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening


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Destroy ego if you want to grow the highest; as by dissolving self into soil a seed manifests as grand tree.

— Pujyapad Guruji Shri Shriyogeshvaraji

emergency Protocols for Kundalini Awakening by Master Chrism<> Part 2

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6) Eat watermelon. Stay hydrated with pure non-distilled spring or artesian water.