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Guard Your Heart

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Why is it we struggle, why must we strive?
Why do we never really seem to come Alive?

In the day to day drudgery we spend our time.
Winds of Change seem to blow without reason or rhyme.

Just paper and ink

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Once upon a time, in a NOWWAY kind of place.
There was born into this world, among the mortal race.

A special kind of being, who was in want of no need.


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Sitting here chasing an idea, like it’s a speck of dust on the wind.
A fool, fooling himself in a foolish game where all have sinned.

MORTAL Futility

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Drowning in ignorance the world doesn’t even care to know
About Union with God so the Status Quo has definitely got to go.

All are separate God is far away and life is all about me


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They say in this world that nothing is free.
But I got a little secret that’s just between you and me.

Is “IT” almost Now Yet?

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Awaiting a train of thought I sit here, still waiting on the train.
Hope the pesky thing shows up before I go numb in the brain.