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How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path?

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How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path? How can I know if I'm not fooling myself but really developing?

There is one clear indication for being considerably advanced on the path: it is when you don't care anymore if you have advanced or not.

Your wish is your command

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Remember the "your wish is my command" you used to utter in the days you thought you love your spouse?

Ups and downs on the spiritual path - reasons for the downs

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We all are familiar with the difficult fact that our spiritual journey is full of ups and downs, great achievements and then terrible setbacks, extreme quietness and tranquility and then distress and

The path is spiral, not cyclic

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Sometimes it seems to you that you are moving in circles in your spiritual path: I have already read this book, already done this meditation, already sat in satsang with this teacher, already underwen

Troubled Soul

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I would be interested to see what people think this song is about by the words I wrote.
Kind regards

Troubled Soul

You can place your hand upon my head,

Cross roads

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I stand at a crossroads

I look back on
2 decades with a great guru
spiritual friends I share that path with
tradition and
scripture telling me what to do, how to be, what to think

If the Path is beautiful, ask where it leads; but if the Destiny is beautiful don't ask how that path is...

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There have been never ending debates on whether we get to choose our destiny or is it that everything is already decided even before we were born.

For Beginning Spirituality

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Respect is the beginning of spiritual truth, because with due respect done right all is well so.

— Jesse, Camarillo

Spirituality and suffering

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“Spiritual life is full of bliss
with lots of suffering”
to make it appear real.
-- O'no

— O'no

Pornography's Celibacy

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Beyond society's perversion called pornography,
beyond the pathological obsession with celibacy,
is a realization
that sex makes two into One
for: All is ONE.

— O'no