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Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar

Fast Facts
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Amma, Ammaiyar, Sivasakthi, Sri Siva Sakthi Ammaiyar, Sri Shiva Shakti Ammaiyar
Shaivism, Slience, Darshan
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Tamil Nadu, South India
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How to Experience Divinity

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"I have nothing against
self improvement.

But meditation
is not about self improvement.

Self improvement means
there is something here
that needs to be changed.


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Om Sai ram!

Enlightened Spiritual Teacher

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Dave Oshana - a unique, original, inspirational, transformational spiritual teacher whose motto is "experience first, understand later - if ever."


Divine experience of Premjyoti, chief disciple of Mahashakti Anandini Ma

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Today l would like to share with you all something for which words seem too short .My mother Mahashakti Anandini has drenched my soul with the eternal love and supreme blessings by giving me darshanas

Meditation & The Nature of The Mind

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"The mind is always looking
to get caught up in something.

Awareness is always free.

It is simply a matter
of where you place your attention.

In meditation,
if you let go of the need

Transcending the Mind in Meditation

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"In meditation,

if you observe
the process of identifying
with thoughts,
you will find that
there is a pleasure
in identifying with that thought.

And what I mean
by identifying

The Spiritual Path of This Age

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Brahman is indefinable, incomprehensible, formless and without attributes (form and qualities), so say the Vedas and Upanishads. So it is termed as Nirguna Brahman, the Formless God.

Let Me...............

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Let me seek thee in longing, let me long for thee in seeking;
let me find thee in love, and love thee in finding.

— St. Anselm

The masters and Avatars

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it is not necessary for one on the enlightement path to be overly fascinated by the workings of the Kundalini and the chakras.