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Is there a difference between mental and spiritual?

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Is there really a difference between mental and spiritual?

I think that in the essence there isn't; in the state of mind there is.

How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path?

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How can I know if I am advancing on the spiritual path? How can I know if I'm not fooling myself but really developing?

There is one clear indication for being considerably advanced on the path: it is when you don't care anymore if you have advanced or not.

The danger in retreats and other isolated spiritual events

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Retreats and intensives are usually good practices by themselves.

The danger I am speaking about is not about what happens in the retreat but about the outside of the retreat, about what happens after the retreat.

sampurna jagat Mithyaa hai ... !

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.. i just wonder

" had this world being the false, the illusion...

HOW could the truth of this world BE TRUe..? "

Do Prayers Ever GO Unanswered?

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The background for The Council's quote: Recently my wife had a very serious illness. So serious that she was not expected to survive. Her condition was not only critical but extremely complicated.

We All Have a Mission in LIfe

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While working with William LePar's lecture Cornerstones to Spirituality I came across this information which I would like to share with you.