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Zen and The Art of True Seeing

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"Have you ever noticed,
when you see something that
you have never seen before,
something the mind does not
know or understand,
you really see it,
you give your full attention to it.

Fixate Your Attention on Consciousness Itself

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"One meditation method would be
to become completely enamored
with consciousness;
to let your attention be
completely fixated on itself.

Whether you experience
consciousness as being,

The Inner Revolution

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"A lot of people at the moment
are looking for a revolution.

They are seeing corruption
in the government,
corruption in religion,
corruption in the economy.

The Intensity of Being

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"If you watch your thoughts,
you will see that a lot of things
you claim you want,
you don't actually want.

If you are hungry, you desire to eat.
When you eat, that desire is fulfilled.

Falling into Spiritual Awakening

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"Even when you taste
the bliss that you are,
the mind still runs back
to its old assumptions
of what it is.

You experience yourself as consciousness,
then what happens?

Spiritual Awakening through Grace

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"The real process of spiritual awakening
cannot be known; cannot be put into words.

Because ultimately Grace itself,
Shakti itself awakens you
in ways that will be both unique to you

Meditation is offering 100% Attention to This Moment

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"Meditation is giving yourself
100 percent to this moment.

If you give yourself 100 percent
to this moment,
then there is no you and this moment,
there is only this moment;

Meditation Technique: Letting Go of Thoughts

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"When you place importance
on a thought,
whether it be an idea, an opinion,
a judgment, or a belief,
then you are bound to it.
It becomes part of your identification.

Meditation Becomes An Inner Bowing

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“There is a certain attitude
that develops over time
for real meditation to happen.

Most of us start meditating
with a certain level of arrogance and egotism

Secret to success

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Secret to success is as follows:

Trust God
Help others and be sincere