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Freedom from the Past

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"Most people
imagine themselves
to be the sum of their past.

As though the past
is inside them,
is a part of them.

But the past is only inside you
if you are actively carrying it around.

How to Realize Timelessness in Meditation

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"Most people imagine 'now'
to be a split second in time
between past and future.

But 'now' is not a moment in time,
it is free of time.

Time exists in the mind.
The mind remembers a past

3 Steps to Spiritual Awakening

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"This experience
of separation and stress,
of being a person
separate from everything else
is something you are doing.

You are contracting
moment to moment
into identifying with thinking,

Attaining Levels of Consciousness

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"In outward seeking and desiring
you are always chasing
what is seemingly ahead
of this moment.

You are always
looking to be satisfied
in the future.

So the very experience

How to Realize Perfection in Meditation

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"There is the natural happening
of this moment.

You are not doing this moment.
You are not making this moment

It is just a happening.

In meditation,
if you let go of trying

The Fastest Path to Joy

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"Find a way
to love this moment.

Find a way
to become devotional
to this moment.

In all honesty,
this is the fastest
way to joy.

If you look to get something out
of this moment,

Meditation: Investigating the Nature of Thought

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"What are thoughts?
That is the first step in meditation,
find out what thoughts are.

And you can't find out
what a thought is
with thinking.

You have to become aware
of the thoughts,

From Live Satsang: Falling in Love with This Moment

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(Quote from Live Satsang -Click here to hear it on youtube)

"How can you not be
madly in love with this moment;

Spiritual Awakening & The Perfect Storm

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"It is not the content
that is the problem.

You do not need to change
the content of your thoughts,
personality and feelings
for spiritual awakening to happen.

Everything Dissolves into Peace in Meditation

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"In meditation and in awareness
you are allowing everything to move back into
its essential nature of energy.

You are allowing everything
to dissolve back into the one conscious energy