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Simple Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

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"Allow thinking to happen.
Allow it to naturally happen without
any involvement in it whatsoever.

Then, in that allowing,
let your attention
sink below the mental noise
into the quiet depths

Noticing Existence Happening

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"If you want to be free of anxiety
then notice and feel this:
life is happening in this moment.

You are not doing this moment,
you are not making
this moment happen.
It is here on its own.

Awakening Peace in Meditation

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"If you realize
unconditional peace
through meditation,
then you can experience it
in everything.

It is not that
you have peace
in meditation
and then in your normal
waking state

Spirituality's Matter

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Spirituality's Matter:
Science's physics tells us absolutely
that the observer determines what he observes
be it particle, wave, probability-cloud or ...???

The Importance of Spending Time Alone for Enlightenment

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"It is good to spend
an extended period of time alone
if you are able.

When you are alone
and not distracting yourself
with social media, emails or phone;
when you give yourself the time

Awakening Happens When You Allow the Intensity

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If you really live
deeply in spiritual practice
then this moment is intense.

Moment to moment,
life is shaking you
out of what you know;
shaking you out of everything
that is comfortable.

The Simple Path to Spiritual Awakening

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"The path
to spiritual awakening
really does not have to be

You simply
with an open mind
find the practices
that you experience
a greater awakening
into bliss

My First Satori (Temporary Experience of Enlightenment)

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I was in college in Vermont, having a bad day. After classes and meetings with teachers, I went back to my dorm room and sat down to meditate. When I sat down, I just surrendered.

The Importance of Discipline for Spiritual Awakening

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"If you are really passionate
about spiritual awakening
then discipline is most important.

For spiritual awakening to happen,
there must be that build up of energy

How to Realize Timelessness in Meditation

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"Most people imagine 'now'
to be a split second in time
between past and future.

But 'now' is not a moment in time,
it is free of time.

Time exists in the mind.
The mind remembers a past