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The Truth About Spiritual Awakening

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"Spiritual Awakening
happens in ordinary life.

The heart is broken open.

If something happens
that stirs up emotion:

The boss yells at you.
Something someone says
makes you feel small

Awareness & The Path to Realization

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"Awareness itself
is always free.

If you are completely aware
in this moment,
watching what is arising
instead of being caught up
in what is arising,
then the experience is freedom.

How to Transcend Ego in Meditation

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"If you practice being present in meditation,
you will find even beyond the thinking
that there is this reflexive urge
to separate yourself from this moment.

It is almost like two magnets

Attaining Witness Consciousness in Meditation

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"If you observe
your experience
in this moment,
then you are not controlling
this moment in any way,
you are not involved with it
in any way.

From witnessing,
there is the flow

Try This Meditation Technique for Spiritual Awakening

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"Try this meditation technique:
Keep your ttention fixed
on that which precedes thinking.

your attention
is lost in thinking
and ignoring what is here
behind the thinking.

How to Attain Bliss in Meditation

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"You do not need
to get yourself into
a certain state
or attain something.

You can simply
just be aware of yourself.

You can turn your attention
back upon yourself

Reaching the Depths of Consciousness in Meditation

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"In meditation
you are not moving
in a linear line
going from one
place to another.

Rather you are moving
deeper into this moment.

So the most important part
of meditation,

How to Fall into Spiritual Awakening

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"The beautiful thing about a dog
is he's never going to lie to you.

If he's sad, he's going to tell you.
If he's glad to see you,
he's going to tell you.

But there is something

Noticing Existence Happening

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"If you want to be free of anxiety
then notice and feel this:
life is happening in this moment.

You are not doing this moment,
you are not making
this moment happen.
It is here on its own.

Meditation Technique

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"Your involvement with thinking
takes you out of this moment.

So if you surrender
every thought that arises
back into this moment
then you will begin to
feel this moment directly.