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Coming Undone in Meditation

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One of the reasons
we sit to meditate
is to strip away
all of the things
that distract us
from this moment.

All of the things
that make us
feel secure
and in control.

That makes us

Meeting the deaf-dumb children instigated self-realisation

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I believe one shudnt hold onto anything,coz d more yu think,d more yu get depressed,if its a sad thought,shud be a little stoic and detached.

Meditation & The Nature of Shakti

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"When you begin practicing meditation
or doing other spiritual practices,
you are bringing your attention
from the outer experience
to the inner experience.

You are directing your attention

Self Awakening and the Absolution of Ego

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WELCOME My Friends to the Transcendental Nation!!!

You are about to be given the opportunity for Celestial Aristocracy in Divine Empire, so be sure to use your Choices wisely...

How to Attain Samadhi in Meditation

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"Everything in duality
is moving.

It exists in a constant state
of activity.

And if you are aware of this
constant state of activity
instead of engrossed in it,
then you experience

How to Have a Spiritual Awakening

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"The ego/mind has the tendency
to reduce spiritual awakening
down to a clever teaching.

As though if you hear the right words,
understand it correctly,
get yourself into some positive state,

How to Recognize and Transcend Separation

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"One of the most amazing
realizations you can have
is to realize you are actively
avoiding this moment.

That at the very core of your ego
is that constant reflex

Overcoming The Final Obstacle To Spiritual Awakening

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"Even behind your thoughts,
emotions, and physical experience,
there is still a sense of separation.

And this sense of separation hurts,
not in a physical sense
but energetically.

Enlightenment & The Path of Shakti

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"If you really are interested
in spiritual awakening
and you want to live in bliss,
then half of the journey is awakening
the shakti:
the subtle energy current
that runs through your body

Meditation & The Nature of The Mind

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"The mind is always looking
to get caught up in something.

Awareness is always free.

It is simply a matter
of where you place your attention.

In meditation,
if you let go of the need