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The ache

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At every point of even minimal self-awareness, I feel an ache just below my ribcage. To the 'me' it's not a pleasant feeling.

The Role of Romantic Relationships in Spiritual Growth

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Most of us value the companionship, love and the intimacy of having a mate but how do these relationships impact our efforts at spiritual growth?


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“Namaste” symbolizes the Indian culture but is there something more to this custom than being a symbol? Find out in this story…….

Living From Internity

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Internity, what kind of word is that? What does it strike you as? What does it feel like to you? Can I trust myself that this article will be about what I think it will be about?


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Matter is nothing other than Spirit...Materialised.

Power to Create

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You came to Earth as spirit with all the power of the universe to create anything that you desired.

If one could see the soul with these eyes, what would it look like ?

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A Nobody can see the soul with these outer eyes and as such it is beyond the ken of human comprehension to know it.

Your Sweet Spirit of Love

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You are so loved, beyond all expression.
Your spirit touches the heart of all who know you,
And it is your spirit which forever will be here by my side.

ascended masters

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Ascended masters. There is much talk of them, but where are they ?

Spirituality cannot be bought or taught,

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Spirituality cannot be bought or taught, but it can be caught by contact with spiritual people. Moreover, Nature’s gifts such as air, water, light, etc., are free. Spirituality is also Nature’s gift and is also given free by the Masters. Likewise, Spirituality cannot be acquired from books, which is a fact all sacred scriptures uphold. Books are a valuable record of the inner experiences of others in Spiritu­ality. They fill gaps in history and contain messages from past Masters, which help us to verify the facts revealed by a living Mast

— Kirpal singh,