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Soul - A soul has to take on a body made up of five tatwas to come to this earth.

Delay in Reaching the Real Home of Initiated Souls

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When the disciple is reborn in the house of the Satguru i.e.

Beautiful conversation between soul and human being

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Here is a very interesting conversation with God. It is very inspiring and motivating as well...

Me: Tell me, why has life become complicated now?

Purity of the Mind and Soul

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Impure is Brahma, impure is Inder;
Impure is the Sun and impure the Moon.
The world is defiled with impurity;
Pure is God alone who hath neither end nor limit.
Impure are the gods of the worlds;
Impure are nights, days and months.
Impure are pearls, impure are diamonds.
Impure are air, fire and water.
Impure are Shiv, Shankar and Mahesh.
Impure are Sidhs, Sadhiks and those who wear religious garbs;
Impure are Jogis and Jangams with their matted hair;
Impure is the body with soul.
Sayeth Kabir, only those who know God
Are pure

— BY: Kabir Sahib

What Is Science of the Soul ?

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There is one God, and only one Way to Him, and for this we employ a complete and definite Science, oldest of the oldest, most ancient and natural, which is the practical side of all religions of the w

The Scientific Proof Of The Soul Or Atma

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Rama Rao Das asks,
“Atom, chromosome and molecule-
All scientists cause me ridicule.
Oh, Guru, please explain how to produce self-illuminating light


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MIND is medium for all experience.
N.othingness of

— Paramahamsa Mahaguru

Original music track-Ching Theory

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In this battle with head and neck cancer, music has been an enormous help in taking focus back into the heart and consciousness rather than pain of the body.

If one could see the soul with these eyes, what would it look like ?

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A Nobody can see the soul with these outer eyes and as such it is beyond the ken of human comprehension to know it.

All things are manifestations of His Will;

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All things are manifestations of His Will;
But His Will is beyond description.
By His Will is matter quickened into life;
By His Will is greatness obtained;
By His Will some are born high and others low.
By His Will are men's joys and sorrows ordained; (1)
By His Will (the pious) obtain Salvation;
By His Will (the impious) wander in endless transmigration.
All exist under His Will,
And nothing stands outside.
One attuned with His Will, O Nanak, is wholly freed from ego.

— Guru Nanak