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If sun in any body's kundaly having rahu or ketu what its indicating for that human's soul?

The Role of Romantic Relationships in Spiritual Growth

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Most of us value the companionship, love and the intimacy of having a mate but how do these relationships impact our efforts at spiritual growth?

Many paths to bliss - Speaking Tree Article (30 - 05 - 10)

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Parama Pujya Shri Shri Nimishananda Guruji's article had been published in Times Of India.
Please read the article and Injoy the Bliss.

"Spirituality" Realisation Through Mouth Ulcers

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"Spiritualiy" Through Mouth Ulcers,
Once i was badly effected by Mouth Ulcers,
I was not able to chew the single bite of any food,
Someody recommended me a medicine named ORASORE GEL,

Soul and its composition; and difference between atman and God

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Soul and its composition; and difference between atman and God

Master CVV's greatest works....

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- Master CVV Namaskaram-

Four States of the Soul

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Four States of the Soul

The Veda says that there are four states of the soul.

Spiritual people should Recharge their soul with prayer and meditation daily

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We all are not forgot to take food and liquid to fulfill desire and requirement of our body, But most of us forgot to understand the requirement ,desire of our own soul with in us.

Vihangam Yoga Meditation workshop

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Dear Friends,

Greetings from Vihangam Yoga team !!

Talking comes from the body, singing comes from the soul

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When two people talk at the same time, it is always a disaster.

When they sing at the same time, it may be divine.