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Our Worship is Incomplete

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During the course of a spiritual discussion, a friend remarked - “I regularly recite a few mantras from the ’Guru Geeta’ daily as my spiritual practice and worship.”


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I am not mind, intellect,thought, ego, or some form of the supreme being; I neither have ears, nor tongue and I neither have nose(nostrils) nor eyes; I am not the sky, earth, light or the wind;

Vihangam Life: Fly Free- A 3 days residential workshop

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07/20/2012 - 06:00
07/22/2012 - 20:00

Dates: Fri. 20th July - Sun. 22th July 2012
Main attractions:
• Darshan & Ashirvachan of Sadguru Shri Swatantradeo
Ji Maharaj and Sant Pravar Shri Vigyandeo Ji Maharaj

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Event Location: 
Mahrishi Sadafaldeo Vihangam Yog Ashram, Chatnag Road, Jhunsi, Allahabad-211019 Contact: +91 8873002024
Vihangam Yoga, Allahabad, UP, India
Rs. 3000 to 18000 for the full course
Contact Email: