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My Holy (Unforgetable) Journey To Shiva Abode Arunachalam Temple

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Dear Freinds,since i am a SRIVIDYA SADHAK,I do sadhna of both shiva & shakti,as per the

Mystery of Shiva

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MahaAnand is not the incarnation of mythological Shiva. He is the traditional successor of the real Shiva.

Before Aryans came, there was a famous Good like great sage in greater India.

Holy Ash or Vibuthi

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Holy Ash or Vibuthi

Most powerful Shiva Temple in Dense forest at kamroop kamakhya

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I have visited most of jyotirlinga shiva temple &felt the shiva"s presence ,cosmic energy,vibrations.Apart from jyotirlinga's few temples like JAGESWAR MAHADEV IN ALMORA ,DISTRICT,UTRAKHAND,MAHAKAL TE

The Creation by Guruji

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There was nothing, No Planets, No Stars
Neither existed the Universe nor the time
Only He was there.
He, the Supreme and the Absolute
Beyond definition or description
All was he and he was all

ashram in CZ

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Anyone familiar with recommended ashrams in CZ?

Rudraksha Significance

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Rudraksha Significance

What Makes You A Leader Is Complete Awareness

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Today, no one is functioning with full potential. That is why we are anonymous. Usually, one notices three patterns in the lives of people. Some lead, others follow, while many quit.

Shivoham! Shivoham! Shivoham!

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Everyone speaks of Shiva, Shiva.
Some even claim, “I am Shiva (Shivoham).”
If taught parrots too can utter, Shivoham! Shivoham!
But none knows who and what is Shiva,

Shiva temple

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Vande Deva Umaa Pathim Suragurum
Vande Jagat Kaaranam
Vande Pannaga Bhooshanam Mruga Dharam
Vande Pashoonam Pathim
Vande Soorya Shashanka Vahni Nayanam
Vande Mukunda Priyam