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PRESENCE DAY with Maharishika Maiyaa

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08/24/2014 - 09:00
08/24/2014 - 18:00


Amazing Answers to every possible question.
Powerful Blessings that bring prosperity.
Shakti instantly awakened in you.

Who is Maharishikaa Maiyaa?

Event Type: 
Spiritual Gathering
Event Location: 
Ramakrishna Mission, 12th Road, Khar (West), Mumbai 40050, India

How to Realize Formlessness

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"If you observe the mind,
you will find that
the mind always
needs to attach
itself to something.

It is always looking
to grab hold of something.

Every thought that arises,

Kaula Upanishad

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E-Text Source: www.celextel.org
Kaula Upanishad

May the Kaulika triumph! May Varuni triumph! May Truth triumph! May fire triumph! May all living things triumph!

Meditation & The Path of Shakti

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"Shakti is the greatest teacher.

Call it grace, energy, unconditional peace.
It is the subtle energy that you feel
in meditation.

The easiest teaching for meditation


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“Nava-ratri” literally means “nine nights”.

Accepting the challenge...

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When Kundalini comes some of us resist the gift. It may be because we do not understand what is happening or we may feel we are too busy or we may feel that this is just not the right time etc...

Non Doing and Meditation

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is at your essence.

It is not something
you can really practice
because how can you
do non-doing?

Everyone is addicted
to their thinking.
Thinking is always going.

Black Holes, Dark Matter, Death and Shakti.

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Black Holes, Dark Matter, Death and Shakti.
-- Fiction’s Black Hole called “reality.”--

Reality’s Universe gives us lots of Black Holes
and tons and tons of hidden "Dark Matter."

Shakti guided...

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Today I went to the event and set up for my basket demo. chrism had asked me if I would be passing out KAS1 cards and I replied no, yet when I went to pack I put a few in with my things.

Enlightenment & The Importance of Kundalini Shakti

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"Underneath everything
is silence;
deep, profound, infinite silence.

It is in everything
yet remains
as nothing.

The spiritual path
is very slippery
because of this.

Because the mind