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Beware of your interpretations

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MMMM, I am the manifestation of god almighty and only I. You are nothing. But you have this opportunity to learn from my words. Therefore listen to me carefully with no trace of vanity.

Is a center really necessary?

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When we do some action, we take it for granted that there must be a center, an "I" that does the action, is it really so? Can't an action just happen without a subject, a doer, a center?

Is there something beyond?

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Is there something beyond?

We all ask this question, at least unconsciously.

We all try to avoid this question, fearing to loose our grasp in spirituality.

They Are Put Aside!

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They are put aside
With wealth who like to side;
They are put aside
Who show pride;
They are put aside
On the senses who cannot ride;
They are put aside
By truth, who cannot abide;

Mind is Root of Illusion

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Any verbal formulation is not true save when it indicates something observable. The observed will have to be in relation to sensory inputs for only they are taken as proof.

Karma Yoga as Preparatory to the Practice of Meditation


Sri Krishna says in the Bhagavad-Gita:
The Gunas of Prakriti [in the form of the body, the organs and the mind] perform all actions. With the understanding deluded by egoism, a person thinks, 'I am the doer.' But one with true insight into the domains of gunas and karma, knowing that the gunas as senses merely rest on the gunas as objects, does not become attached.

— Bhagavad-Gita

Ego or Sense Bound Mind

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The sorrow and bondage that we feel is due to imbalance created by our ego confining us to a narrow whirlpool of cyclic existence within the Great cycle.

Food and Consciousness

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Gross Body, Vital Body and Mental Body can be traced to the three types of food that we ingest viz food and water, air that we breathe and the sense impressions (on which they depend).