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Opening to the uncharted

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Goenka's Vipassana claims that all mental phenomena (emotions, feelings, thoughts etc.) are mapped to (or rather actually are) body sensations.

Why is it so hard for us to accept that emotions are just body sensations?

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As I wrote in my previous blog entry, at the beginning, the claim that emotions are just an abstract mental image of body sensations seemed to me far too radical, an outrageous underestimation of our

I just ask you to watch your thoughts

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I just ask you to watch your thoughts.
I don't ask you to stop them.
I don't ask you to stop identifying with the thinker.

Live Fearlessly....2

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Human lives are run by this psychological fear, a threat that is not real, that is only perceived. And it is perceived entirely through words, pictures, feelings, and sensations. When we look at each word, each picture, each feeling and each sensation, we see that each thing, by itself, is not the actual threat. The actual threat cannot be found. This allows the energy of fear to be as it is and then dissolve naturally.

As fear is allowed to arise freely, with no threat being found anywhere, in any situation, it loses its grip on the mind.

— Scott Kiloby
Live Fearlessly