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Where are my so called selves ?

Now what?

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I'm a member here but not a particularly spiritual person. I call my many displays of Hindu devotional statuary, "altars" but I'm really a pretty, exotic knick-knack collector.

Object, Subject, Robot, Spirit

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Robots, as well as Microsoft Windows operating system, built based on object oriented programming, including C++ I've learned during college.

Our True Self

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"...our normal conception of self is a false self. What many people see as themselves is not their true selves."

— Eric Putkonen

self, Self and Love - Being a Verb!

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Some words in Spiritual Practice, Concepts and Ideas are so familiar we tend to stop thinking critically about them, and fall into accepted meanings, and traditional views.

Realizing Self

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“Self-realization” reveals reality to be Fiction, Self’s Fiction.

Self-realization reveals that there is no “Me” only an apparent “You”

what is Master?

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The Master is one who has no EGO, no personality.
He is one who realised his essential ‘SELF’ and
In that realization his personality disappears.

— Master Sarvari
-Master CVV Namaskaram-


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“Knowing others is intelligence; knowing yourself is true wisdom. Mastering others is strength; mastering yourself is true power. If you realize that you have enough, you are truly rich.”

— -Lao Tzu

Box 'n Mouse

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Box is Reality
Mouse is Movement.

that thoughts make NONE.

I AM not Mind nor its body..
… thoughts come from INSIDE
that is far far outside the BOX called Reality.

if ONLY thoughts could think

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If only thoughts could think:

If thoughts could think
then they would personify Laughter.
Laughter is the personification of SELF,
because it vanishes all appearances
into it-SELF,