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"Words become real with the energy of action. The energy of action comes from our centre, our heart, rather than from the constant gazing into the bottomless vacuum of negative thoughts. Energy comes naturally from the light that shines within, which shines when you are not the doer of actions but rather the servant of the Divine. Spontaneous true happiness is beyond thoughts. It is the wisdom of the Self."

— Tony Samara

Whether attachment to God is possible without self attainment

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Whether attachment to God is possible without self attainment

Kundalini, Shakti, Guru, Self

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Kundalini, Shakti, is Self
telling mortals
that they are Spirits.

Spirits are just thoughts
that without thoughts
make Samadhi, Self.

A Guru is just a Spirit

Who can explain what suffering is?

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What the heck is suffering? Can anyone define it for me?

Death's suicide: Self-realization

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Life is foreplay for death.
Self-realization is its suicide.

The day we are born we are exactly like death:
we have no identity --
without an identity we are as good as dead.

Prakruti, Purusha and Purushottama

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Prakruti, Purusha and Purushottama

There Is No Seeing. Seeing Is Only Being. ~Ramana Maharshi

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Question : When a man realizes the Self, what will he see?

If I Am Free

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Q: If I am free, why am I in a body?

Is It Essential To Have A Living Guru?

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An extract from the conversations with Deepamji


Do we need a living guru or master?

Why exactly do we need a living guru or a living enlightened master?

Gurus: rare, Rarer and RAREST.

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a Guru who appears
unexpectedly, and out of nowhere
to Awaken an avid seeker
to be that Guru
is really rare.

far rarer is when destiny brings two Gurus together