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Valid Guru

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an outside projection or hallucination of the "inner" Self.

he/she/IT/anything-and-anyone appears randomly
NOT with a dualistic cause-and-effect karma

A thought

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I float in the thoughts of someone …..
Someone who seems to know……..
But the thought itself is pointing….
For me to go solo……….

What was so mine, for so long………….

What you do and call meditation is not meditation

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What you do is not meditation. What you call meditation is usually not meditations.

Ego and such

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There isn't really such thing as ego.
There is a collection of fears that point to the same direction.
But a direction is not a thing, it only gives a sense as if there is a thing.

H.W.L. Poonja -aka Papaji

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Just read H.W.L. Poonja's biography and found it fascinating. Anyone interested in nama japa, Krishna Marga, or Ramana Maharshi might find his life and story interesting as well.

Who are you, really? find out in 5 simple steps...

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Someone very amazing and outstanding once asked me: "Who are you?". Obviously this question made me think and lead me to the question "Who am I".

Ego = Pain + Suffering

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By Pamela J. Wells

Sri Anandamayi Ma

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Have just been reading Matri Vani, a booklet containing some of Sri Anandamayi Ma's personal advice and suggestions to some of her devotees.

"Words become real with the energy of action...

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"Words become real with the energy of action. The energy of action comes from our centre, our heart, rather than from the constant gazing into the bottomless vacuum of negative thoughts. Energy comes naturally from the light that shines within, which shines when you are not the doer of actions but rather the servant of the Divine. Spontaneous true happiness is beyond thoughts. It is the wisdom of the Self."

— Tony Samara

Sri Swami Sai Premananda's Message to the World

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Sri Swamiji’s Message to the World
By Sri Swami Sai Premananda (May 4th, 2007)

Dear world, listen to me please! Don’t be afraid to love.