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2 Meditation Techniques for Self Realization

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"One path of meditation
is to firmly fix
your attention
in this moment.

To not let yourself
get caught up in thinking
but rather to directly
experience what is here
beyond thinking

The Hell behind the Heaven of Self-Realization

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The Heaven of Self-realization:
The untold carefree joy and laughter
of being a Spirit
for which nothing matters
because there is no matter...
the body is deception, dream.

The Hell of SELF-realization:
When a Spirit is burdened
with untold misery and grief,
conflict and chaos,
from the deception called body,
and its matter.
-- O'no

— O'no

The Saga of Karma

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Reality: The Appearance of matter.
Realization: the Disappearance of the appearance of matter.

Kundalini, Shakti, Self, is this Disappearance of the appearance of matter.


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wisdom works exactly like food:

realization is not a process of digestion
it is a process of defecation.

The most potent form of realization

Putting Perfection in the imperfection...

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For those of you unfamiliar with the movie "Love and Other Drugs," it is essentially a romantic-comedy that follows the love interest of a pharmaceutical sales rep (boy) and an adventurous, charitable

we never look for holes

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NOTHING separates the Seeker from Realization.
in reality.

When the Seeker finds a HOLE
others quickly follow
until reality is nothing but HOLES

Bhagavad Geeta - evenness through concentration


With the heart concentrated by Yoga, with an eye of evenness for all things, he sees the Self in all beings and all beings in the Self.


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By far the greatest leap of faith
is to seek Derealization.

Derealization comes with
a funny choiceless courage
that goes beyond God.


the game

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god planned to start one game,
now the first thing he made to start the game is "time" or u can say "kaal"
as example: same like a man who plan to make a video game

The Witness

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M: The difficulty lies in our differing points of view. You speak from the body-mind’s. Mine is of the witness. The difference is basic.