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Meditation & The Path of Shakti

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"Shakti is the greatest teacher.

Call it grace, energy, unconditional peace.
It is the subtle energy that you feel
in meditation.

The easiest teaching for meditation

Awareness & The Path to Realization

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"Awareness itself
is always free.

If you are completely aware
in this moment,
watching what is arising
instead of being caught up
in what is arising,
then the experience is freedom.

What exactly is the Path

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"Although the Lord is the personification of love, we seldom allow him to enter the temple of our hearts.

How to Be Free from Suffering

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"In meditation,
once the Shakti is
really awakened in you
and your attention
remains either
immersed in the Shakti,
in witnessing,
or in the feeling
of "I am,"

then everything will

The Serious Meaning of Life

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the first rule is a Black Hole
for all the other endless numbers of rules it seriously needs to appear serious.

life is an utterly mundane and meaningless boredom of seriously following rules

Conspiracy Law

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every conspiracy will reveal itself to the seeker.
especially those that never happened...

to the limits in which everything is a conspiracy
in which “Nothing Ever Happened”

Meditation Technique

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"Your involvement with thinking
takes you out of this moment.

So if you surrender
every thought that arises
back into this moment
then you will begin to
feel this moment directly.

Spiritual Suicide

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Spiritual Suicide is an oxymoron
the spirit cannot die, not even the body can die
only the deception of matter,
that makes the body appear real,
only this deception can die.
-- O'no

— O'no

The Path to Self Realization

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"The path to self realization
is not about attainment
but about letting go.

Learning intuitively
how to remain
in your essential state
of not holding on to anything.

There will probably

The Hell behind the Heaven of Self-Realization

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The Heaven of Self-realization:
The untold carefree joy and laughter
of being a Spirit
for which nothing matters
because there is no matter...
the body is deception, dream.

The Hell of SELF-realization:
When a Spirit is burdened
with untold misery and grief,
conflict and chaos,
from the deception called body,
and its matter.
-- O'no

— O'no