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Spirituality v's Science, Religion

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All spiritual traditions of all ages
give us the SAME concept of “Realization,”
that is: realization of “spirit,” spirituality.
or more specifically: “Self-realization.”

How to Realize Formlessness

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"If you observe the mind,
you will find that
the mind always
needs to attach
itself to something.

It is always looking
to grab hold of something.

Every thought that arises,

I think therefore I am

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I thought I was
but it was just a thought

I thought I can think
but it was just a thought

I thought I could do
but it was a thought

I thought I was god

No Title

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God is a philosophical black hole – the point where reason breaks down.

— Kedar Joshi

the most dreaded destroyer of reality

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the most dreaded destroyer of reality
is not a drug, it is not a disease
it is not a nuclear holocaust
it is not even a world-ending cataclysm

Realizing Consciousness in Meditation

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"In meditation
we are simply
that everything is.

It is not the 'everything'
that is important,
it is the is-ness itself
that is the key.

The mind is always

Far Far beyond the Gita

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A movie that reveals the flaws in the Gita's message of Self-realization.

the MOVIE: “Perfume: The Story of a Murderer”

How to Awaken the Heart in Meditation

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"There is a big jump into awareness
and that is the jump
from the mind
to the heart.

From intellectual knowing
and controlling your world
to letting go into this moment

Allowing the Flow of Shakti

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"Everything is energy.

Your thoughts are energy,
your feelings are energy,
your reactions are energy.

Every happening
is a movement of energy,
it is the play of Shakti.

Recipe for Realization

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Recipe for Realization: “an original thought”
Realization, specifically Self-realization, is all about the Monism called Self, Spirit, Nonduality, Advaita.