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Going Beyond Yourself in Meditation

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"In the ebb and flow of life,
there will always be situations
that push you far beyond
what you believe you are capable
of accepting.

You get the feeling
'I can't take it anymore'

Meditation: How to Be Free from The Personal Self

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"The personal sense of self is made up
of a whole bunch of thoughts
that attention has held on to.

Certain thoughts are too attractive
to just let pass by
and so attention holds on to them,

Realization is derealization

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Realization is derealization:
when spirit/Kundalini manifests it-Self to thoughts, mind,
it derealizes the body
-- when Spirit reveals the body to be what it really is, Spirit --

Miracles in your reach!

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‘He will come at the end of the iron age (Kali Yuga).’

Eden's Guru

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The Guru of Eden

organized religions thrive
by turning the Universal-Spirit called Samadhi, Guru, Self, into the Devil
-- O'no
The Beginning:

How to Transcend the Mind in Meditation

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"The source of all problems
is the mind.

Thoughts arise,
you identify with your thoughts
and that defines your

So many thoughts arise
without you even knowing it.

Three Stages In SELF

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Three Stages in SELF.

the interaction between Krishna and Arjuna in the Bhagavad Gita tells us of the path the seeker takes to realize that all is Self -- Self-realization.

Stage 1:

The Process of Meditation

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"At first,
meditation is a doing.

You practice a meditation technique,
until meditation is awakened in you.

But once meditation
is awakened in you,
meditation happens.

You may notice it

the Gita's Epic Battle

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The Relativity of Modern Physics tells us that as speed increases time slows and space shrinks while mass increases.

Buddha's Super-rare Gift.

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The common path to realization
is to compulsively accumulate knowledge to find Self.
It is a super-rare gift to reverse this path
and just as compulsively discard knowledge to be SELF.