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Rare Knowledge

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Talk given by Shri Ramakant Maharaj

How to Experience Formlessness in Meditation

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"One of the main reasons
why it is so difficult
to let go of your identification
with thinking in meditation
is fear.

You begin to witness thoughts,
you can even let desires go,

the paradox of Enlightenment

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There is no “realization” – Since there is no-other... it would mean the Self realizes it-Self. It would be like Now realizing it is not Time.

How to Realize the Self in Meditation

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"You cannot realize the Self
through the senses.

You cannot taste it, see it,
hear it, smell it
and you cannot touch it.

You have your eyes open.

If I Am Free

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Q: If I am free, why am I in a body?

Gurus: rare, Rarer and RAREST.

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a Guru who appears
unexpectedly, and out of nowhere
to Awaken an avid seeker
to be that Guru
is really rare.

far rarer is when destiny brings two Gurus together

Bhagavad Gita

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Few pieces of literature have impressed mankind like the Bhagavad Gita.

God's Insult to Injury: Twice-Over

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... the overwhelmingly OBVIOUS Message in the Bhagavad Gita is that the “god” called Krishna
could do NOTHING, not even for his “beloved-one”, devotee, called Arjuna.

Enlightenment, New Age & Self Inquiry

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"The new age/self help
industry is often about
building yourself up.

Making yourself
more special
more successful,
more liked,
more confident.

And there is nothing
wrong with this.

Direct Method to Self Realization

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"There is a direct method
to self realization.

And that is to close your eyes
and notice what is here
beyond all thinking.

Beyond any thought
there is a subtle experience
of existing.