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The Journey

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Everyday is a new adventure that changes like the weather, I remain open to allow the opportunities to present themselves.

Peace ~

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What is PEACE?
To me peace means all your desire subside.....with pausing your intellect and mind.....merging once identity with surrounding.


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An atheist has the most simple wisdom: “you live, you die.”

If an atheist could bypass society's value systems
he would be instantly not only a psychopath
but Enlightened, Self-realized.

true enlightenment

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enlightenment happens
when deception vanishes.

For a deception to APPEAR real it must have two parts
a Subject and Object. (reality's duality)


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Meditation is a state of mind.We meditate to keep our mind in good shape, so that the mind is fit, fresh and alert. It is a means to focus our minds.We tend to live with our mind turned outwards.

What I AM

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I searched EVERYTHING life could possibly throw at me
Laughter revealed all the strings
I need to be a PUPPET.

to this Laughter (alias Kundalini)

Nonduality's Magnet: sex

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Nonduality's Magnet: sex

Who Are Living Self Realised Gurus/Masters

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Can please list those that are generally recognised to be Self-realised and living. Name and location, also website links so we can read about them...thanks!

Paranormal experiences, Ghosts and Posession

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What is your opinion on hauntings, earth bound spirits, Posessions ect?

Kundalini: aborted Suicide of Self

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there is no Death,
Suicide is the best there is.

The Hindus of old called this Suicide Samadhi.

These Hindus of old explained their Samadhi with what we today call Nonduality, Advaita.