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Spiritual cost-benefit analysis

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If you feel that you must seek something, do not seek knowledge, seek realization. Not necessarily self realization, realization of any kind.

The Three Levels of Understanding

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There are three level of understanding.

It was all the time 1-2 blocks away

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You are probably familiar with the this situation:

You are looking for a rare small store that specializes in the repair of some all-forgotten article.

Why is a living guru necessary?

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I had a correspondence of interesting Q&A with a friend here. I take the liberty to share it as I think it may be of interest also to others.

When I see a very expensive car

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When I see a very expensive car, I see a man who realizes at the last moment that it was all in vain,

and then dies,

either regretfully

or laughingly if he is lucky enough.

the real Guru

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the real Guru

since all is SELF, alias Guru
anything can be the Guru
even rocks and things, even mountains, like Arunachala

and since the Self, Guru, has no dualities

I Am

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M: You cannot possibly say that you are what you think yourself to be!

Realize Your Freedom

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"The root of all of your problems
is your attachment to thoughts.

If you are unattached
to the thoughts arising,
then bliss is your very nature.

If you can realize this one point,

Love ~.~.~

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Love is a energy which flows indiscriminately...has no logical MIND.LOVE has MAGNETIC POWER...it pulls on towards itself.

Enlightenment: Freedom from Understanding

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"If you expect something
in meditation
then you are expecting too much.

When you are ready to fall into
this moment
regardless of the outcome.

Because you have exhausted