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Why is Self-Realization so Rare?

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The Bhagavad-Gita says that out of 1,000 people, one will become interested in spirituality. And then from there, out of a crore, (10 million), only one will hit the 'jackpot' of Self-realization.

What is the True Meaning of the Guru?

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The True Meaning of the Guru is hard to reach even through meditation, as has been stated in the scriptures of Ancient India. The Guru then is often misunderstood especially among westerners but also in India where "Gurus" are a common phenomena. This article should help reveal the True Meaning of the Guru...

There Is No Seeing. Seeing Is Only Being. ~Ramana Maharshi

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Question : When a man realizes the Self, what will he see?

the science to Enlightenment

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there is a science that goes way beyond science. It is called “Supreme Science.”

The Hindus over 5000 years ago discovered the Supreme Science
that revealed to them everything


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COURAGE, “Ineffable Courage.”

No amount of brains or brawn
can allow an Observer to go beyond reality
because reality's laws and values
locks the Observer into reality.

'Ramakant Maharaj' - The World's First Ever App From A Living Self-Realized Master

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'Ramakant Maharaj', the world's first ever App from a living Self-Realized Master is now available for download.

Oscar: Best Actor.

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Oscar: Best Actor.

I'm always acting.
Not only acting, but acting on top of all sorts of actings.

I Act and society acts for me


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Self-realization is Derealization
in which Nothing Matters,
because “Nothing Ever Happened.”

comically: except for the holocaust, sex and enemas,

Ode to Choice

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Ode to Choice

The Cosmos' story is all about a ton of hidden or covert-Matter
for every ounce of (overt) matter.

Theology then comes along to tell us

Real Meditation

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Meditation for Self-realization.

Meditation is the wildest goose-chase imaginable:
thoughts chasing thoughts
.. to find the One
that thoughts make None.

– really, Really, REALLY